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Our Services and Target Audience

Realtors & Agents
With a great understanding of the real estate industry, we provide efficient and accurate measurements and renderings with our one-stop-shop for all your real estate marketing needs.
Builders & Renovators
We offer a wide range of premium-level media solutions to builders and renovators for showcasing the features, character and value of their projects. Our skillful technicians and photographers have a knack for bringing the best aspects of your property to full display. capture, and highlighting the craftsmanship of your team for all to admire.
AS a builder, hitting the drywall phase is one of the biggest milestones in the construction process. The scary part is that as soon as drywall goes up, everything is hidden forever. By using our 3D Matterport services you have a clear record to always reference for the life of the project. If any issue should arise you have the advantage of knowing what's behind that wall with precise measurements so you can take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.
If you are looking to renovate but are missing floor plans of the existing building. We can help recreate them with working CAD files and even provide a 3D visualization of your current home allowing your architectural and design phase to be effective and efficient. Take the guessing and headache out of your design phase and clearly articulate your vision to your design team.
Architects & Designers
Before you spend countless hours taking measurements and dozens of photos to only find out you are still missing important dimensions and reference points of your project before you can even start drafting, Stop! Let us help., We have solutions to bring your vision to life. Whether it is an exploration of architectural concepts and design elements or material selection and virtual staging of places, we are here to help.
We work closely with architects and interior designers to assist in showcasing our customer's vision. Allow us to simplify and expedite your processes with our 3D rendering technologies. We can offer multiple visualizations of elevations or interior design schematics. Your clients may also benefit from your completed projects with our Matterport™ virtual tours by showcasing your finished product and allowing clients to experience the 3D virtual tour experience.
Property Managers
In this day and age, everyone begins their rental search online, and it couldn’t be more important to have a strong presence online with powerful options like a 3D virtual walkthrough . Providing benefits like real and clear Measurements for Existing condition Floor plans, with notes identifying important details and Informations such as Breaker box, Water main shut off, Fire escapes … This Tools will allow you to stand out from other Property managers, by Providing confidence to Property Owners, Stakeholders and better service to all tenants by using technologies, like Matterport™ virtual tours, 3D cameras, and “dollhouse” interactive visualizations can effectively show them what the inside of the property is like without having to enter it. In the times of COVID-19, the Real Estate Board of Greater Salt lake area recommends virtual home inspections whenever possible, and our Matterport™ solutions are a perfect option for this.
Nightly & Long Term Rentals
Condor Utah is able to provide 3D solutions which enables businesses and industry leaders to showcase their properties in a new way. Our Matterport Pro 3D Camera, will collect data to accurately map an entire area to create 3D Walkthroughs for your Clients in order to experience exactly what your Property has to offer.
With the vacation rental industry application, property managers and owners can now place potential guests inside the home through virtual reality. This option allows viewers to gain a real-world experience and feel like they are inside the property. Read on to learn about the company and how its tech impacts the vacation rental industry.
Restoration Companies
Mitigation contractors can forgo the hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos they were taking of a loss (while still angry with field personnel for “not enough pictures!”). Estimators can forgo the tedious efforts of tape measuring and paper sketching as Matterport can automatically create assets that can be imported into Xactimate. Many times – estimators can avoid a drive to the site altogether as the damage can be assessed remotely using the Matterport 3D scan.
Estimators can forgo the tedious efforts of tape measuring and paper sketching as Matterport can automatically create assets that can be imported into Xactimate.
Insurance adjusters have a lot to gain as well, as a scan taken in the field at first notice of loss can allow them to release the claim for mitigation work to begin faster and they know which type of adjuster needs to go out to the field depending on the type and extent of damage. In more and more cases, based on the fact that Matterport represents an unbiased source of truth, they can save the trip to the field altogether and desk adjust the claim, knowing that the details from the 3D scan delivered are accurate and that every line item can be justified with the Matterport visuals.
Finally, policyholders are great benefactors of the efficiency gains as well, as the expedited work ultimately means getting their lives back in order faster and with less heartache.
A proven solution that is fast, easy to use and affordable
In the past 6 months, Matterport has seen hundreds of contractors arm their field operators with Matterport cameras (no training needed), improve their workflows, decrease their disputes with adjusters and policyholders, and increase their usage from large loss claims to practically every claim they handle. We’ve seen adjusters embrace the medium – many times opting to work with restoration contractors when they utilized the system. Pack Out companies, contents restoration firms, estimators, consultants, forensic engineers – everyone with their hand in the claim has found the Matterport system to be a powerful and cost-efficient form of data collection, communication and trust-building.

What We Offer

Condor Utah offers innovative solutions to bring clarity and vision to your projects. By equipping you with drafting services, real estate floor plans, square footage calculations, 3D architectural and interior rendering service; you and your clients can have a clear 3-dimensional vision of the layout and what the space has to offer.

We have access to professional photographers and videographers specializing in real estate with a greater understanding of construction and marketing needs giving them an edge over the competition.

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